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The Ultimate Guide To Running Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns  
Breakthrough book by Leading Light Media reveals the secrets to running successful Facebook Advertising campaigns

About The Guide

This book walks you through how you can use Facebook advertising in your business to generate more customers and make more profit.

The content of this guide has been made from managing over £1,000,000 in advertising spend over the last 6 months, we know what works and what doesn't.

Here's a snapshot of what's inside:
  • Why most businesses fail with Facebook ads
  • 5 key components of effective Facebook advertising
  • Facebook advertising pyramid
  • Facebook ad types and examples 
  • The key to creating the perfect ad and much more
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About Leading Light Media

One of the UK's Leading Facebook Advertising Agencies 

Leading Light Media is a Facebook Advertising agency focused on client success. We create reliable, predictable and sustainable Facebook Advertising campaigns that generate profitable customers. 

Through our unique 6 step system, we are able to connect your brand with your audience on Facebook. With over 2 billion daily active users and 20 minutes being the average time spent on the platform, your customers are just waiting for you to put the right message in front of them. Our approach is always focussed on high profitability by utilising direct response marketing strategies to attract more customers to your business and in return drive revenue.

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